Water Monitoring Innovations for the Environmental and Aquaculture Industries

In-Situ® Inc. is a leading manufacturer of in-situ (on-site) water monitoring instruments. For over 35 years, we have provided water monitoring markets with innovative solutions. From aquaculture management to aquifer characterization, In-Situ products provide accurate results and reliable operation even in harsh conditions. Partner with In-Situ to meet the challenges of reduced manpower and 24/7 demand.

Be Mobile. Be Smart. Use a smarTROLL™ Handheld.

Looking for a fast, reliable way to sample groundwater and surface water? With a smarTROLL Handheld and intuitive iSitu® App, you can log data to your phone or email data and calibration reports from the field. Learn more:

smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld Video

In-Situ Inc. Announces New Water Level Data Logger

Be Reliable. Be Effective.

Get Absolute Convenience with the New Level TROLL® 400 Data Logger
Looking for ways to reduce routine field maintenance trips? Need a water level data logger that operates for years in remote, flood-prone, or high-humidity environments? The new Level TROLL 400 Data Logger measures and logs water level, pressure, and temperature without interruption.

Ensure error-free deployments with a system that includes intuitive software, patented twist-lock connectors, durable communication cables, and highly-rated technical support. Read the specification sheet (pdf)

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