Data Loggers

In-Situ® Water Level Data Loggers

Are you measuring groundwater or surface water levels? Do you need to record data, continuously? In-Situ Inc.’s comprehensive line of titanium water level sensors log water level/pressure and temperature data for years. Deploy level loggers in pristine streams, contaminated waters, saline environments, or wherever your project takes you.

When you need to access data, choose a method that works best for you. Maybe you download data once a year. Or maybe you need real-time access with a web-based interface. Whatever your requirements, In-Situ water level data loggers can be deployed for unattended operation or connected to a telemetry or control system.

Complete Water Level Monitoring Systems

In-Situ Inc. provides everything you need to effectively meet project goals:

Economical Water Level Data Loggers Offer Absolute Convenience

Non-vented water level data loggers collect water level, pressure, and temperature data in remote, flood-prone, or high-humidity environments.

  • Rugged TROLL 100: Use for long-term logging in locations with minimal access.
  • Rugged TROLL 200: Use for routine logging and real-time access.
  • Rugged BaroTROLL®: Use in conjunction with Rugged TROLL Loggers when you need to compensate for barometric pressure fluctuations.
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