Level TROLL 400 Data Logger

NEW Level TROLL 400 Water Level Data Logger

The maintenance-free Level TROLL® 400 measures and records water level, pressure, and temperature and is available in four pressure ranges—from 30 psia to 500 psia. Titanium construction outlasts specially-coated data loggers.

The Level TROLL 400 offers absolute convenience for several situations:

  • Where automatic barometric compensation is not required
  • Where a vented system may not be practical—flood-prone sites, remote locations with limited access, and high-humidity environments
  • Where the highest levels of accuracy are not required


  • Long-term, unattended data collection
  • Crest stage gaging, stream gaging, flood and storm surge monitoring
  • Stormwater management systems
  • Construction site dewatering
  • Packer installations
  • Mine water management and dewatering
  • Slug tests where barometric compensation is not required
data logger, Level TROLL 400
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