Install Wireless Water Monitoring Networks with MultiHop Radios

With Banner Engineering MultiHop Data Radios, you can build wireless water monitoring networks that use In-Situ® instruments, provide real-time data, improve project efficiency, and reduce expenses. Radios can be networked with In-Situ instruments into a TROLL® Link Telemetry System or SCADA/PLC System.

MultiHop networks can be made up of one or many master radios. For simplified deployment, a single MultiHop Radio can be configured as a master, repeater, or slave radio.

  • The master device controls the overall wireless network.
  • The repeater mode allows for range extension of the wireless network.
  • The slave mode is used at the end point of a wireless network.

Real-Time Data

  • Stay connected 24/7 and eliminate data loss due to changes in signal strength by using the industry's only self-healing radio technology.
  • Collect, view, and manage data from remote sites without leaving the office.
  • Share data with colleagues and clients by using the In-Situ Data Center.
  • Understand the status of your monitoring sites at a glance—simply log in to the In-Situ Data Center.
  • Wirelessly connect to your SCADA/PLC system.

Real-Time Efficiency

  • Quickly set up an instrument network by using Win-Situ® 5 Software.
  • Respond quickly to changing site conditions and receive alarm notifications as a phone call, text message, or email.
  • Streamline your workflow by eliminating manual data collection.
  • Extend radio range simply by adding an antenna.
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