Virtual HERMIT Aquifer Testing Kit

Streamline Aquifer Testing

Use the Virtual HERMIT® Aquifer Testing Kit, exclusively from In-Situ® Rentals, to conduct step-drawdown tests and constant-rate pump tests. With the Virtual HERMIT Kit, you can:

  • Monitor an entire well field with one system
  • Simultaneously configure, start, view, step, or stop all connected instruments
  • Download data while a test is running

Virtual HERMIT Kit

  • Virtual HERMIT Software for PC
  • Eight-port Rugged TROLL® Net Hub
  • Up to eight Level TROLL® 700 Instruments
  • RuggedReader® Handheld PC to download data from difficult-to-access sites
  • USB or RS232 TROLL® Com

More Information

To learn more, download the Virtual HERMIT Aquifer Testing Kit specification sheet (pdf).

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